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Moana Cake Smash

Posted on 10 Nov, 2020 by Sarah Hart

Oh the excitement, when you get asked to create a Moana Cake Smash?!!! Most of my photography work, I’d describe as classic and simplistic – particularly my newborn & baby photography. And I usually agree with the rule “less is more”. Much of my cake smash photography also follows this rule and I adore portraits that are all about baby. BUT every once in a while it’s a whole lot of fun to go a little crazy with a cake smash set up. This one required me to go bold and creative to make an impact.

Meet, Harry….he’s visited my studio before for his 1st birthday and I created rainbow baby a Rainbow themed cake smash for him (you can see this shoot HERE).

Two year old child portrait sevenoaks photographer

But he was back this year to celebrate turning two! Mum wanted a new theme and as Harry’s favourite film is Moana, that was the choice for his 2nd birthday cake smash!

Moana Cake Smash set up with cake Tonbridge studio

Creating the set up

Harry’s mum brought a little outfit along so Harry could dress up as Maui. She admitted that she had put the leaf skirt on Harry a few times at home but that he’d “hated it” and didn’t want to keep it on. We weren’t too sure how he would react but fortunately, he didn’t seem too bothered by it – the cake seemed a good enough distraction. And she also adorned Harry with some wash-off tattoos and a fake whale tooth necklace.

And what a cake?! Made by Cakes Unlimited UK, the large cake was covered in blue swirls of buttercream, with wooden sticks round the base. A few edible flowers added a Polynesian touch!

Moana cake at a Tunbridge Wells cake smash

Now, I have a confession…much as I love Disney, I’ve not yet got round to watching Moana yet! I hear from many that I’m missing out so I do plan to! So I had to create the set by studying as many images as I could find on the internet of Moana. Mum wanted me to create a beach vibe with a Polynesian feel. Hence I purchased a new paper backdrop from Colorama, aptly named “Sea Blue.” Then I used my Creativity “Sea Mist” backdrop as a floor for the sand. I painted a large palm tree , draped a garland of artificial leaves across the backdrop and designed some bright coloured flowers to cut out and add to the garland.

And did Harry love his Moana Cake Smash? Oh, yes (though he was very delicate with his cake!) AND he also managed to keep his skirt on for nearly the whole session! We finished off with a splash in the tub which he loved even more than his cake smash……

Tunbridge Wells photographer Moana cake smash
Little boy at Moana Cake Smash for his 2nd birthday
Licking cake at his cake smash, Sevenoaks photographer
Sharing cake at Moana cake smash, Tonbridge photographer
Tunbridge wells cake smash Moana theme
Sevenoaks photographer capture boy in the bath at his cake smash
little boy splashing in the bath at his cake smash sevenoaks
Baby boy at Moana smash and splash tonbridge photographer

Cake Smash For Your little one?

If my Moana cake smash theme has tickled your fancy and you’d like a cake smash (themed or not) for your baby, drop me a line. If you have no ideas on colours or themes, explore my cake smash pages: to give you some inspiration. Then send me an email with your baby’s birthday and I’ll back to you with my availability.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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