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Starting School Photos

Posted on 4 Aug, 2020 by Sarah Hart

Here at Sarah Hart Photography, I get rather excited about preparing for my “Starting School Mini Sessions.” Why? Because as a mum to two school age children I clearly remember dropping them off at their classroom door on their first day….but without the photographs I took of them that day I definitely wouldn’t be able to recall just how small (and cute!) they looked in their big girl/boy uniforms! Starting School photos are a must! Okay I’m a photographer: it comes naturally to me to regularly record moments of my family’s life but boy, am I glad I took my camera to school when my children had their first day at school. It’s an important milestone in their lives!

Typical School Photography

Now of course, your children will inevitably have their photographs taken at school at some point during their Reception year by a professional photographer who will visit the school BUT, I also know (as an ex-primary school teacher) that the children will be rushed through a conveyor-belt line whereby the photographer will take one image (and one image only!) of your little cherub. The result? It’s quite likely that your child will come home a few weeks later with a proof card containing one or more of the following on their first school photo:

  • closed eyes (“but mummy the light was BRIGHT!”)
  • a wild “just run round the playground” look hairstyle
  • a yoghurt encrusted jumper
  • tucked in collars or sticking up (or even inside out after P.E)
  • one of those very “special” smiles!

I even had one friend explain to me that she didn’t by her daughter’s photograph because “it didn’t even look like my child!”

Now to be fair to the professional photographers all over the country who go in to schools to photograph your little ones – it is not an easy job! They might have just one morning to photograph (and catalogue) 400+ children. They must be forgiven if the images are not the best photographs you’ve ever seen of your little darlings.

starting school photos Sarah Hart Photography, West Kent

Why book a School Mini Session?

So here at my studio in Tonbridge, Kent, I’m offering the opportunity to book a Starting School Mini Session for your children about to start school. At the very least, we can ensure we get some images with your child smartly dressed, with their eyes open and more importantly, smiling naturally. HOWEVER, I also want to create something special for you. Bring along their all-time favourite book, their shiny new shoes and their pristine new book bags and let me capture a bit of their personality aged 4 (and a half!). In return, I will provide you with a series of beautiful portrait images which will be looked upon in years to come with a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat as you remember dropping them off on that very momentous first day of school!

Session Details

School Mini Sessions are a perfect way to commemorate your “baby” starting school!  It’s incredible to look back when they finish primary school and see the changes – the images from these sessions aim to capture their personality and show how small they were. Open to both children just about to start school and those who have already begun school life (including if your “baby” is just about to start secondary school too), siblings are welcome  up to a maximum of 4 children.  The mini sessions cost just £35 for a 20 minute slot and includes a complimentary 7×5″ print from your session. There’ll be a dark grey backdrop (as seen in these images) and my beautiful old wooden school desk. The sessions are held at my home studio in Tonbridge. After the session you will receive a link to an online viewing gallery of between 8-10 images to choose from. Should you wish, further prints or digital images can also be purchased as follows:

  • 7 x 5″ print £15
  • 10 x 8″ print £20
  • Individual digital high resolution jpeg (sent via email) £25
  • The whole gallery of images as high resolution jpegs sent via digital download £125


This year due to the situation with the pandemic, I won’t be running these sessions back-to-back, as I usually do on a set day or two. Instead, I’ll offer up appointments with at least 40 minutes in between each session to clean the desk and studio environment.

Appointments are available on the following dates:

  • Sunday 6th September (am or pm)
  • Monday 7th September (am or pm, including after school evening slots)
  • Tuesday 8th September (after school evening slots)
  • Wednesday 9th September (after school evening slots)
starting school photos by Sarah Hart, Tonbridge Kent
Twins first day at school, Sarah Hart Photography
School portrait session, antique desk, Tonbridge photographer

Fancy some beautiful starting school photos? If you would like to book a session, drop me an email: or message me through my Facebook page:

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    Hi Sarah. Do you have any sessions left on the 6th?

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