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Funnies from a 2 year old’s birthday photoshoot

Posted on 11 May, 2018 by Sarah Hart

Teddy the Whirlwind!

Last week I had such a gorgeous little character, Teddy, return for a 2nd birthday photoshoot (he came last year for a 1st birthday cake smash – and I nicknamed him “Jazz Hands Teddy” because of this gorgeous shot of him – you can see his 1st Birthday Cake Smash photos here)

jazz hands baby in 1st birthday cake smash, west malling photographer

I thought I’d blog about his session as it probably contained the most random images in one session and Teddy had me and his mum in stitches the whole time! So I’ve shared a few of the funnies and outtakes from the session. Two year olds are always on the move and right from the word go, Teddy was no exception – he jumped up and down, danced to music and was mainly a blur on the back of my camera.

bouncing around toddler in birthday photoshoot, Darkside clothing, Tunbridge Wells photographer boy jumping up and down toddler in birthday photoshoot, kent photographer

I managed to get just one shot of him on my curved stool, before his crown slipped and he was up and off again!

sitting still for a moment, toddler photoshoot Tonbridge, Kentfunny moment in photo shoot, hildenborough photographer

I tried to get him to sit in the bowl….but it was way to interesting to climb all over it!….and he was soon jumping up, too curious of the world around him to care for sitting and posing for me!

toddler in a bowl, won't sit still for a photo, sevenoaks photographercapturing the wonder of a toddler, Sarah Hart Photography, tonbridge studio

I got out my fluffy rug to encourage him back onto the paper backdrop….but he wanted to play rough and tumble with his grandma instead!
rolling around on a rug with grandma, tonbridge photography outtakes

“Water” his mum suggested, “he’ll sit still with water”. So I dashed off to grab the little tin bath and some bubble bath. It worked for a few minutes and we got some funny photos of Teddy “shushing” me whilst I sang (yep, my singing isn’t great!)

boy in a tin bath, cheeky moment tunbridge wells birthday photoshoot

Once out of the bath, mum spotted a fabric rose (used in my recent girly cake smash) and wondered whether he might stand still and “sniff” the rose. He did…..but just facing the wrong way 🙂 And then threw himself to the ground saying it smelt “yuk”!

toddler smelling a rose, tonbridge baby photographertoddler meltdown moment in photo session, sevenoaks, kent

The building blocks were a success…he loved building the towers and knocking them down!

building bricks with toddlers

The building blocks were at least appropriate “props” for Teddy’s photo gallery. Other very random props that Teddy picked up during the session included amongst other items, a coat hanger, a drinks coaster, a chick and his milk.

toddler with a coat hanger, random photo shoot moment photoshoot with random objects, boy with a coaster, birthday photoshoot

boy kissing chick, baby photography in west kent taking a milk break, tiring times in toddler photo shoot

And with the use of a musical instrument I even managed to capture a Jazz Hands Teddy shot!

jazz hands, toddler playing xylophone in tonbridge photo shoot

Thank you so much to Teddy and his mummy for bringing so many giggles to a session. What a fabulous birthday photoshoot! He kept me on my toes and allowed me to capture his true spirit….no longer Jazz Hands Teddy, you have the new title “Teddy The Whirlwind”. I wonder what you’ll be next year!

Oh and just to add, his gorgeous crown and “2 Years on the Dark Side” outfit was handmade by small business – – check them out as they have a really cool range of clothes for little ones.

If you have a lively toddler and don’t think I’ll be able to capture them on the go, give me a call….I love a challenge 🙂

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