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Exist in Photos – A portrait with mum

Posted on 8 Mar, 2016 by Sarah Hart

Why exist in photos?

How many photos do you exist in at home? Be honest! Most mums will say, not many. I know and understand how hard it can be to force yourself to be in family photos. It was lovely to see so many lovely mummies and their children arrive for their “A Portrait with Mum” session. And a big “well done” to you all.

As a professional photographer, this is what I commonly hear from clients:

Oh I take an awful photograph.”

You can just take the children, that’s all we really want.”

I hate how I look in pictures. I’m just not photogenic”

I’d love to have some photos done, but I need to lose some weight first.”

And yes, I too hate having my photos taken! But existing in photos is important. It’s important for your children, your family and the people who love you. For the last couple of years the very talented portrait photographer, Sue Bryce, has been running the campaign #existinphotos. The campaign exists to encourage women and those who shy away from the camera to value themselves enough to appear in photos so that years later their families have memories to hold on to. One of Sue’s questions is, “One day your children will look for photographs of you. What will they have?”

a quote from Sue Bryce about making sure mums exist in photos

The truth

Your children do not care that you have a few grey hairs coming through, or that you haven’t lost your “baby tummy”, or that you don’t love your smile….because they love it. In fact, they love everything about YOU! You owe it to your children to make an appearance in photos, not just so that they have memories to look back on. But also to show them, “Hey, this is me. I have nothing to be ashamed of.” If you shy away from the camera you are sending out the message that you are not good enough to be in photographs.  But by existing in images you are teaching your children self worth. If your children see you value yourself enough to be in photos, they are far more likely to grow up valuing themselves. And what mummy doesn’t want to give that gift to her children?

A Portrait With Mum gallery

And to the mummies below, I applaud you for stepping out in front of my camera. Your children will come to cherish these photos of you and I hope, so will you! But just one last thing….make sure you get them printed and displayed on your wall 😉

exist in photos with your children, mummy and me session,portraits by Sarah Hart, Kent photographer
exist in photos, a portrait with mum, Mother's Day mini session, Sarah Hart Photography, Tonbridge, Kent
A portrait with mum, mummy and me photo sessions, kent family photographer

I would love to hear your thoughts below. Do you exist in photos for you and your family?

Sarah Hart Photography is a Kent family photographer specialising in newborn photoshoots, baby and family portraits. She serves clients in Tonbridge, Tunbridge wells, Sevenoaks, Maidstone and surrounding Kent villages. At all of her portrait sessions, she encourages mums to exist in family portraits! Every year she holds Portrait With Mum sessions to coincide with Mother’s Day – you can sign up to her mailing list here: SARAH HART PHOTOGRAPHY MAILING LIST to ensure you are the first to hear when these session dates are released.

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