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A portrait with my own mum

Posted on 8 Mar, 2016 by Sarah Hart

Mum’s are wonderful aren’t they? Mine most definitely is. My mum is the most thoughtful person I know and now, as an adult, I turn to her nearly as much I used to as a child. I mean how do you get through parenthood without your own mum’s advice?! But you see, my mum did not have that benefit. She lost both her parents in her twenties and as an only child, my dad, myself and my brother were her world. And now that my brother and I are grown up, with children of our own, her grandchildren have become her world!

Like many of you this Mother’s Day, I spent the day with my dear parents, children and husband. Sat around the table after dinner, playing games, I announced that we were heading over to the studio for a quick photo session. I got a couple of groans from my daughter and a rather surprised look from my mum. But you see, after the success of my “A Portrait with Mum” mini sessions last month (you can see a selection of images of the gorgeous mummies who visited the studio here), I’d felt a little niggle. And here it is…..I don’t have a lovely photo of me with my own mum.

I’m not in many images with my own family. Granted, that’s often the way it is with most families…..someone has to take the pictures don’t they and the mums are usually the ones designated “chief photographer” in the family! And if I flick back through old albums from my own childhood, my lovely mum was our photographer, hence there are not too many of her in those images. But way before I began learning photography, I have always treasured photographs. I love looking at old images from my childhood, or of my parents when they were young. It’s special and it creates our “stories.” Photos become priceless heirlooms when our loved ones are gone. So I’d decided that now was as good a time as any to get my own mum in the studio and get some shots with her and me!

One slight issue was the lack of a professional photographer to take the images but with a quick tutorial to my husband on angles, depth of field, rule of thirds etc etc (okay, okay, no, I’m joking, I set the lighting up, told my mum how to pose and set the camera up so that all he needed to do was press the shutter!). And my, what a great job he did!

I’m now the proud owner of these lovely images of me and my mum (my daughter jumped in for a couple too!) and I will treasure these images for many years to come. In fact I will guarantee that these images will be brought out by my daughter to show her own children. I’ve printed a little piece of our story for future generations and that makes me happy!

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