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Cake Smash Disaster!

Posted on 4 Feb, 2016 by Sarah Hart

A cake smash that ended up being a paint splash!

I experienced a bit of a cake smash disaster recently. In December, Lyla’s mummy got in touch to book a cake smash for her little girl who was turning 3. The shoot started well, with Lyla very much enjoying being a princess, wearing a tiara and then eating a slice of cake.

princess photos for girl aged 3, kent family photographer

birthday portrait taken at a cake smash disaster, kent portrait photographer

cake smash disaster when Lyla didn't like her cake

The trouble was the cake didn’t really go down too well with Lyla and she very soon didn’t want to go near her cake (as much as mummy and I tried to convince her that the chocolate cake was yummy!) Being a mum myself, it’s easy to recognise the signs of a when a 3 year old has made up her mind: and nope, she didn’t want to “touch/prod/squelch” any more cake, or “just sit next to it”, or “bash it with a spoon.” NO. THANK. YOU.

CAKE SMASH DISASTER had hit the studio! (Cue slight mild panic from myself as I worried how we would get a full gallery of images!)

So no more cake smash. But take a look at what we ended up with………a paint splash photo shoot with little girl, tonbridge kent

a little painter's photo session, tunbridge wells cake smash

happy at her paint splash photo session, sevenoaks cake smash

girl painting her nose at her cake smash disaster

Yep a PAINT smash! She started off quite tame with the paints…..we had a few funky lines to begin with. But then she got braver and painted her hands and feet to do some printing. And finally, she enjoyed herself so much Lyla decided she would even do some “nose printing”!

fun in the bath tub washing off the paint

bubbles on chin, kent cake smash disaster

in the bath at girls cake smash disaster, kent

But I think she enjoyed the bubble bath even more!

The session was fabulous….if a little different to what Lyla’s mummy and I had planned……which just goes to prove the saying that most photographers will already know:

“Sometimes the best plan, is to just go with the flow”

So thank you Lyla, for helping to create something a little different!

To book a cake smash (that we will very likely have to go with the flow on) please email me at

5 Comments Cake Smash Disaster! Client Gallery

  1. Jo Wallace says:

    Well done Lyla, gorgeous. Love the pink background. Hope mummy enjoyed the cake instead

  2. Sarah Canavan says:

    What a brilliant idea. Well done for rescuing the situation and still giving them some fab photos. This is why you are so good at what you do Sarah…great with kids and so understanding and thoughtful with parents.

  3. Emma Sinfield says:

    This looks brilliant, lovely pictures. Maybe I should do this when my baby turns 1, but he’d eat all the cake!!!!!

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