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Why book a Milestone Photo Session?

Posted on 29 Apr, 2016 by Sarah Hart

Milestone Photo Sessions – have you thought about why parents choose these lovely sessions?

When you have a baby everyone warns you don’t they? They say: 

  • “Make the most of them when they’re this small, they grow up so fast,” 
  • or “The baby days fly by”
  • or “They change so quickly.”

BUT despite the warnings I don’t think anyone ever really appreciates just how quickly your babies grow up. In the first year of their life, it seems like there is always something new on a weekly basis: first smiles, rolling over, first noises then words, first tooth, sitting up, crawling backwards (!) then forwards, cruising round your sofas and then those first wobbly steps!

first baby steps, milestone photo session

As a parent you will try to cling onto what they were like….their early day baby-smell, the soft toys that make them smile, the dimples in their hands, the rolls around their thighs, but do you know, try as you might, you WILL forget. Oh yes, you will. I know because I have to refer to my children’s baby record books to think back to what they were like! (BIG TIP for parents of baby no.2, 3, 4 etc: make time to fill in their baby record books like you did for baby no. 1!).

Documenting my own babies’ lives

As my children got a little older I made a record book of their first words or attempts at words (my daughter Belle called her fork a “dute”?!) and then I scribbled down notes of little funny remarks or conversations that we had with them to copy up and write in their books. And I’m so, so, so glad that I did this……I occasionally look through it (as I have done today to write this blog) and think to myself “oh wow, I completely forgot he/she said/did that!” Honestly, you think you won’t forget….but you do, I’m sad to say.

Sitter session, Milestone baby photography, Record precious momentsCapture the memories, milestone photo session Tonbridge Kent

The value of a photo shoot

And that’s why booking a Milestone photo session is so valuable….because in those first 12 months of their life they change tremendously. And when they’re starting school, or losing their adult teeth or even (dare I say it?) moving in to their first flat, nothing can bring back those beautiful baby memories better than the photographs of them when they were tiny.

Milestone baby sessions at Sarah Hart Photography are held in my Tonbridge studio and aim to capture the sweet milestones that happen in the first year of your baby’s life! Grabbing their toes, gummy smiles, putting anything and everything in their mouths, tummy time, sitting up unaided, crawling, etc etc! The milestones sessions are also perfect for the parents who may have missed the opportunity to have their babies photographed as newborns (under the age of 2 weeks old).

Take a look at some of the babies who’ve visited the studio this past year and if you would like to book your little one in for a milestone photo session, drop me an email at


You can view more of my Milestone Photography for older babies HERE on my Pinterest board.


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