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January newborns! The first babies of 2017

Posted on 29 Jan, 2017 by Sarah Hart

One month in to 2017 and it’s been a busy one for newborns and baby milestone sessions. Apart from a couple of girly cake smash sessions, I’ve had lots of January newborns visit. And all the newborns have been baby boy (a reversal on last year where strangely 90% of my newborn photography work were little girls and I only had a few little newborn boys!)  I’m not lying when I say they’ve all been gorgeous!

Favourite Image

The most asked for photograph at the moment is most definitely, the newborn baby curled up in daddy’s hands. This pose is requested at most of my newborn sessions and I think it’s because it makes the most stunning piece of art for my client’s wall. In black and white it’s a beautiful, timeless piece of photography that really captures just how small your newborns were in these early first days of life.

Clients are often surprised, but this pose is actually done on a bean bag with the baby lying on their side and the parent’s hands just cup round the newborn baby’s head and bottom. With effective lighting the baby appears to being held up to the light, when actually it’s curled up safe and snug on my newborn posing bean bag 🙂

newborn baby held in Daddy's hands, Kent baby photographer


newborn curled up in dad's hands, captured by Kent baby photographer, Sarah Hart Photography


Milestone Sessions

As well as photographing some gorgeous newborn baby boys this month, I’ve had visits from several 6-8 month old babies who’ve smiled and dribbled their way through their sessions! This is the next ideal age to photograph if you have missed the newborn photographs – and unfortunately I’ve had several new mums enquire with me this month who’ve got babies that I now class as too old to photograph for the newborn sessions.

I will photograph your baby at any age, but babies between the age of 1 month to 4 months are a little trickier – purely because we are limited to the kinds of shots I can achieve for you being mainly images of your baby lying on their back. If you are due a baby over the next few months, please do get in touch sooner rather than later, to secure a newborn session.


Take a little peek at some of the January newborns who’ve visited my Kent studio this month:

January newborns captured by Kent Newborn Photographer, Sarah Hart Photography


Did you meet any January newborns? For further information about my newborn sessions click HERE and you can view more lovely newborn-ness on my Pinterest board HERE

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