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A Portrait With Mum Mini photo shoots 2017 – Kent studio photography

Posted on 30 Jan, 2017 by Sarah Hart

Most mums struggle with appearing in their family images….often because they are the ones taking the photos when out and about but also, because it’s all to easy to bow out of having a photograph when you can come up with excuses such as “ugh, I haven’t got any make-up on today”, or “I never take a good picture”.


But what you see in a photograph is not what others see. Your children see their wonderful mummy, your friends see the happy/funny/caring soul that they adore and your partner sees the woman they love. How do I know this? I recently had my parents, brother and his family round for dinner and bullied them in to having a few photos in my garden studio. I captured this gorgeous photograph of my parents with their grandchildren…….

Family photos are important, grandparents with their grandchildren, Kent photography

And who do you think doesn’t like the picture of themselves?! Yep, you’ve guessed it… own mum. She says her eyes look to creased up. But do you know what her daughter sees? I see my lovely smiley mum! And that’s it. And I know, that in years to come my children and niece will appreciate this moment that I captured for them.


I also received an email last year from a client who recognised the importance of having a photo with her children (despite hating the idea of being in the photograph) because sadly, she had not long ago, lost her own mother. Images do not replace people, but they help keep important memories alive and evoke some really wonderful emotions – we all know how much we love looking back at old photos. Our children want to see their own mums in photos with them.


So, following the success of last year’s A Portrait with Mum mini sessions, I’m excited to announce Sarah Hart Photography is offering 2017 dates for these mini photo shoots. These are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis and spaces are limited to the following dates:

Saturday 25th February

Sunday 26th February

Monday 27th February


You are invited to a photo shoot with your own children or even your own mum (I did this last year with my mum – click here to see) – “A Portrait With Mum” will be held at my Tonbridge studio in Kent. The backdrop will be kept to a plain cream background so that the images are all about YOU and your children. You can view last year’s mini session mums here.

The sessions cost £35, are 20 minutes long. The mini sessions are for a maximum of 4 children and two generations of mums (ie. yourself and your mum). Any age babies are welcome as they will be posed with mum. These are not family sessions so no Dads allowed. Images will be edited within a week of your session. Digital images and prints can be purchased from the following price list, after you have viewed a small gallery of approximately 10 images:

Package 1 – £120

All digital images from your gallery as high resolution jpegs


Package 2 – £70

Three digital images as high resolution jpegs


Package 3 – £55

Five 7×5 loose prints


Treat yourself or your own mum this Mother’s Day (26th March 2017) and #existinphotos.  Just simply click HERE to book your time slot for your “A portrait with mum” and pay for your session via Paypal (no Paypal account required as credit and debit card payments are accepted).


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