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Emily’s Newborn Photography Session

Posted on 4 Sep, 2015 by Sarah Hart

Newborn Photos of baby Emily 11 days new

Gorgeous baby Emily had her first professional photography session aged 11 days old at the Sarah Hart Photography studio this summer. She was a wonderful little baby to photograph, allowing us to capture her in some lovely sleepy curled up poses but also being curious enough to fix us with some very steady gazes! This shot was my favourite:

Newborn stare, baby gaze, black and white baby photos

Mum and dad wanted to keep lots of neutrals and soft pastels in the colour scheme of Emily’s shoot.

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Having baby photos taken at such an early age (ideally under the age of 2 weeks) ensures that your baby is still nice and sleepy for the shots and curly enough to be posed into baskets and other props. If you are pregnant, have had your 20 week scan and would be interested in booking a newborn photography session, please feel free to give me a call to discuss. I’m happy to tailor the session to any preferences you have for colour schemes or add in personal touches like Emily’s bunny above!

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