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10 Ways To Enjoy Being Pregnant!

Posted on 20 Oct, 2015 by Sarah Hart

You’re pregnant? Make the most of this special time. It’s all about YOU before your little one makes it’s appearance!

When I meet my clients at their baby’s newborn photography session, there is very often mixed feelings over the end of their pregnancy. Some new mums really miss their baby bump, some are very relieved to no longer be pregnant. All to often we focus on the unpleasant aspects of being pregnant. Certainly pregnancy puts many physical stresses on our bodies, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster we experience, however, I wanted to write a blog to celebrate the joys of being pregnant!  So here are 10  ways to enjoy the experience of being pregnant:

1) EAT! Yes, really. It’s a time to just enjoy your food and not count the calories. Of course we all know the importance of healthy eating and, sure, you need to nourish your body and the little person that’s growing inside you. However, if you fancy a slice of cake – have a big one – and enjoy it 🙂

2) SHOP! There’s so much to buy! Pregnancy is the best excuse for a whole load of shopping. There’s the pushchair (check out Little Poppets & Co in Sevenoaks, where you’ll receive lots of helpful advice), the nursery furniture (Mamas & Papas is always a favourite with parents) and all the really gorgeous little outfits. And don’t forget YOUIsabella Oliver  has got a fabulous range of maternity wear. Trust me when I say, shopping just does not have the same appeal when you have a little one in tow. Make the most of a shopping experience minus children!

3) READ! Yep, I’m sure you’ve picked up a parenting book (or two?!) or started subscribing to Mother & Baby magazine but don’t make this your sole reading material. I love reading, but with 2 children, running my photography business and my supply teaching, there’s very little time to sit, relax and enjoy a good book. So take the opportunity now, to curl up with a good read and work your way through all those books that will otherwise sit on your book shelf once your newborn arrives.

4) YOUR BODY! (I’m going to gloss over the swollen ankles, the sickness & tiredness) Instead revel in the lovely glossy hair & longer nails you are growing. Then of course there’s your bump. It’s likely to be the only time you can get excited about your expanding belly. Delight, at first, in the soft fluttery movements in your belly and then, later in your pregnancy, the arms and legs moving around as he/she grows. It’s a magical experience.

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5) LITTLE TREATS! You’re doing an amazing job growing a brand new little person inside you. So make sure you reward yourself a little, whether that’s treating yourself to a little manicure or pedicure. The Massage Practice, in Tonbridge, offers relaxing pregnancy massages to help ease the physical and emotional changes your body is experiencing.

6) BIGGER TREATS! Make the most of your current freedom in being able to book a few nights away without having to arrange childcare and spend some quality time away with your partner.

7) SLEEP! Try and “bank” as many lie-ins as possible! Make sure you have a few lazy Sunday mornings with breakfast in bed (made by your partner of course!)

8) MATERNITY LEAVE! With possibly just a few weeks left before your baby arrives, make a list of all the things to try and squeeze into your maternity leave. Ok, so it’s likely your nesting instincts will dictate that you want to spring clean the house, fill the freezer with batches of bolognaise and reorganise the nursery before your baby arrives. But make sure you include watching some films, meeting up for coffee with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and fitting in a hairdresser’s appointment.

9)TIME OUT! (In a few years time the expression will take on a whole new reason!) But during your pregnancy, take some time to just sit and marvel at what you are creating inside you.

I love this:

Pregnancy Blog, enjoy your pregnancy, special time, baby in the womb, image by Sarah Hart Photography

Put your feet up, relax and savour the moment of you and your bump.

10) A BABY! Ok, so I’ve stated the obvious here : you are expecting a baby! But all too often, well meaning friends and family are all too keen to point out that life will never be the same again. And sure, life will never be the same again but let’s not forget that you’ll be swapping most (or all!) of the above for a baby and all the joys that parenthood brings.

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Enjoy it and all the lovely things that it brings!

Before writing this blog, I posed the question “What did you most enjoy about being pregnant?” on my facebook page and here are some of the mums’ comments:

“Feeling refreshed in the mornings, laying in bed and feeling baby having a wriggle.”

“Watching my tummy move, and those butterfly feelings, I still miss cuddling my bumps!”

“The best part of pregnancy is getting away with eating lots of cake.”

“Bump, people know you are pregnant and normally offer their seats on trains.”

“Feeling my baby have hiccups in side me, loved that!”

“Best things for me are clearer skin, thicker hair and not having to shave my legs very often.”

“Knowing you’re growing a little person who will rely on you their whole life to teach them … it’s the most magical feeling.”

“Putting my feet up at the slightest opportunity!”

Please comment below with the lovely parts of pregnancy you’ve experienced- I’d love to hear from you!

Sarah x

P.S. Pregnancy is the best time to book in for your newborn baby pictures. To enquire about a newborn photography session send me a message here

7 Comments 10 Ways To Enjoy Being Pregnant! Client Gallery

  1. Justyna says:

    Very interesting blog. Shopping and eating definitely a win win for me

  2. Great blog Sarah I like the idea about treating yourself to massages (and I think its a great idea even when not pregnant)

    Nina 🙂

  3. Tamsin says:

    Great tips – when I was pregnant with my twins I most certainly enjoyed eating and the little treats! The best bit had to be feeling them wrestling and pushing each other & when they both got hiccups at the same time!!! 🙂

  4. Great tips Sarah! Trying to go back to my pregnant days and thinking about my favourite thing, I would say it’s not having to hold my tummy in 😉

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