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Ballet Portraits of Royal Ballet School Students, Tonbridge Castle

Posted on 11 Aug, 2018 by Sarah Hart

A few months back I was so excited to be approached by a mum of two ballet dancers for some ballet portraits. These ballet students are currently training at The Royal Ballet School. I’ve been keen to start offering ballet portraits since a recent training day at a Jordan Matter Dance Photography Workshop.

We began at Tonbridge park and then wandered over to Tonbridge castle later in the shoot. The most wonderful thing about photographing classically trained dancers, are the beautiful lines that they hit time and time again for each shot. Siblings, Madison and Ethan Bailey were also joined by Matt Bates, another pupil of The Royal Ballet School – unfortunately Matt was injured but he was able to lift Madison for one of the shots below. It always amazes me how hard these young dancers push themselves and the dedication required to train at their level. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and have chosen a few of the images from the shoot…….

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ballet leap, male dancer, ballet photo shoot in Tonbridge castle grounds Royal Ballet School students pas de deux, Tonbridge castle door way

Grateful to receive any comments below!  And do get in touch if you would like a dance photo shoot of your own dancers. I’m keen to hear from any budding ballerinas or dancers who’d like some ballet portraits. In addition to the location dance shoots I offer as above, I can also provide studio sessions to smaller dancers.

If you enjoyed these dance images, here’s some more recent dance photography taken of a few young local dancers:

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