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5 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

Posted on 6 Feb, 2020 by Sarah Hart

Kent Newborn photographer, Sarah Hart, shares her reasons to book a professional to capture your newborn in those first few weeks.

1) Quality

Yes, you may have your own DSLR or a pretty good phone on your mobile, but you’ll not be able to beat the quality you’ll receive from a professional photographer. A newborn photographer will create crisp, clear, focussed images that include details of your baby’s eyelashes, lips, hairline, fingers, toes etc. The photographer’s use of light, backdrops, photography equipment and editing skills will always surpass a mobile phone picture.

beautiful newborn photography better than a mobile photo

2) Artistry

Each newborn photographer will have their own style of work. You must always choose a photographer based on the style you are most drawn to. By hiring a professional you’re not just paying someone to “take a picture”. You’re paying for the photographer’s artistic abilities. Your photographer will be able to create works of art that will look stunning on the walls in your home. Here at Sarah Hart Photography, I will discuss with clients what colours and tones they like. We’ll also talk about what colours they have in their home so that the images will complement their home décor.

newborn wrapped in a grey swaddle, artistry of a newborn photographer, kent

3) Safety

We’ve all seen the #nailedit Facebook posts of babies plonked in a bucket or face planted on a rug. They’re taken with the intention of trying to create an image they’ve seen a professional take. And whilst these are humorous, there is actually a safety to newborn photography that many people don’t first consider. Photographers SHOULD have had training if they are calling themselves a newborn photographer – do ask this before booking. The poses you see on my website are carefully positioned and I transition babies safely in to each pose. That’s because I’ve had plenty of training and know the signs to look for to ensure that the babies are comfortable. When you’re looking at newborn photographer’s websites, the babies should look comfortable.

By the way, if you haven’t seen some #nailed it photoshoot fails, here are some classic examples: Bored Panda Baby Photoshoot Fails.

4) Family Photo

Here’s the thing, if you hire a professional, YOU get to be in some of the images with your baby. Not just a quick snap of you feeding them and looking exhausted. Instead, you get images of your family unit to freeze a moment in time when your baby was small enough to fit snuggly in your arms, that you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come. Plus, I can promise you a professional photographer will make you look your best with great lighting and posing.

You can read more about the benefits of existing in photos with your family HERE

Family portrait with newborn, Kent baby photographer

5) No regrets

You always regret the tings you don’t do, rarely the things you do. I’m certain that my clients have never looked at their newborn’s gallery and regretted their visit to my studio. However, I have had clients comment on how they wish they had found me earlier to photograph their little one as a newborn. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it!

To admire a few more newborn images, head over to my Newborn Session gallery

So if you’re expecting a baby this year and have been thinking about booking a newborn shoot, do get in touch and feel free to ask me questions about what to expect at a newborn shoot. It’s a lovely experience and you’ll have images of you baby and family that you will treasure forever. You can drop me a message at or give me a call on 01732 363897 – looking forward to hearing from you.

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