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Favourite Newborn Images

Posted on 10 Jan, 2020 by Sarah Hart

2019 Newborn images by Sarah Hart Photography

I’m a little late sharing this post as we’ve now entered 2020, but I thought I’d share some of my favourite newborn photos from last year. When clients book a newborn session with me, they can choose from 3 different digital image collections. All of these collections come with some 10×8″ prints and the parent’s choice indicates their favourite newborn images. I’m always interested in a client’s choice ….very often it differs to my favourites. And that’s because I’m looking at the image with a more technical view. So I may favour an image because I’ve achieved the “perfect newborn pose” for example. However, you may select newborn images because their little frowny face evokes all the emotion of your baby being a newborn.

I’ve long since learned to accept that sometimes, the least technically perfect newborn images in a gallery might be “perfect” to the parent. This blog post just gives me the chance to share the photographs I most adore…..

Little Scarlett below, was my first newborn of 2019. Her journey in to the world was a special one. You can read more about her and her mum’s story here:

So having looked through the newborn images, which is your favourite?I would love to find out which images speak to you. Is there an image you would absolutely loved to have had of your own children when they were newborns? I never had either of my children photographed as newborns…I would love to go back in time and be able to create some of the images above!

Are you expecting a baby this year? Would love to find out how you can book in to create newborn images of your own with me? I have a gorgeous little studio in Tonbridge, Kent and specialise in newborn photography. You can visit my FAQ page which will provide you with more information about a newborn photoshoot: And then drop me an email to enquire about availability: – would love to hear from you!

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