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Congratulations – a new Royal Princess!

Posted on 2 May, 2015 by Sarah Hart

Finally, we have heard the news: the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a daughter today, 2nd May 2015. Huge congratulations to Prince William and his wife Catherine as they become a family of four.


Catherine was admitted to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in west London this morning. This new Royal baby is fourth in line to the throne and the nation has once again been eagerly been awaiting news. Prince William went to the hospital with his wife this morning, unlike his grandfather, Prince Philip who was playing squash whilst the Queen was in labour with her first child, Prince Charles! Philip later brought the Queen carnations and champagne.

Times have changed and our partners are now, very much expected at the birth of our children (too right….if we go through the pain of labour, they should experience the pain of severe hand gripping!)

So finding out the news this morning that William and Kate were at the hospital, naturally took me back to my own experiences of labour with my children. In both labours, my husband could quite easily have missed the birth of our children! During my first labour we arrived at the hospital to realise we had forgotten my hospital notes. They sent him home, little realising that I was close to giving birth. My dear husband (who also thought he had hours of waiting around) leisurely returned home for my notes, stopped off at the petrol station to fill the car up and buy me Lucozade. It wasn’t long after he made it back to the hospital that our beautiful daughter made her appearance.

The birth of my son was a planned home birth and little did we know I would experience a very short 1 hour labour. So once again, my husband, thinking he had a fair few hours ahead of him of waiting, decided to try and make himself useful – so he began swapping the cars around on our drive (don’t ask?!) and was promptly shouted in by my mum, otherwise he may well have missed the birth of his son. It was a second close call to missing the birth of his children!

I suspect that there will have been no forgotten hospital notes and most definitely, no faffing around moving cars about when Kate went in to labour this morning! The Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital is no stranger to a Royal birth. Prince William, his brother Prince Harry and his son Prince George were all born at the hospital. A fascinating article was released today, revealing how the natural childbirth activist, Sheila Kitzinger, advised the Lindo wing ahead of Princess Diana’s labour –

It seems Prince William, didn’t have too long himself to wait for his daughter’s birth. Kate was admitted to the hospital at 6:00am this morning and their daughter made her appearance at 8:34am. I sincerely hope that, should his wife have asked for a drink during labour this morning, that someone other than Prince William went off to get her one!

I’m intrigued though, has anyone else had their partner miss the birth of their child due to just “popping off to do some useful”?!!!!! I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.


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    Lovely blog and great photo.

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