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The Christmas gift I’m hoping my children will treasure FOREVER!

Posted on 3 Nov, 2016 by Sarah Hart

What does a photograph mean?

On holiday in France this Summer, as a family we were discussing a funny event that happened on holiday the year before. But one member of the family couldn’t recall it.  At all! 🙁 And over the last year I have really noticed that my son, Cohen, can’t remember many details of memories of special days out or events.

Granted, he’s only 8, so to ask him to remember something from 5 years ago is probably asking too much, but he has even been a little sketchy on remembering details from just a couple of years ago. I can very clearly remember lots of days out I had as a youngster and holidays we shared as a family. Why? Well, I have a theory that, it’s down to my mum, who has always recorded every event with a photograph. And when I say every event, I mean EVERY event! And back in the day when photos were printed and were something physical to look at and admire and flick through in albums, my parents have a house full of printed memories. Lucky me!


But whilst I’ve been busy these past few years building up my photography business, I’ve neglected to give my own children the same experience of being able to flick through old photos. So a couple of months ago, I decided that I would get my photos printed into photobooks for each year of their lives.  Now I have a HUGE amount of images on my computer (I’m very much like my mum in that respect as I always have my camera with me at any opportunity!) so I figured that this was going to cost me a lot!  

I headed over to Martin Lewis’s Money Saving website and typed in “photobooks”to see if there were any offers and I was fortunate to find a great deal at Bonusprint.  Deciding to buy quite a few vouchers to cover, 2015, 2014 and 2013 photobooks for both my son and daughter, I then had the deadline of preparing the albums before the end of October before the vouchers ran out.  I have spent many late nights when the kids have been in bed, carefully selecting the images for each book (and enjoying looking back!).

My photobook gifts

And one by one, they have arrived in the post over the last couple of weeks. Not gonna lie, I love them!  No, they’re not incredible quality, but for the price, they are excellent and each album captures perfectly our family life for my children. And whilst, I’m certain on Christmas Day morning, it won’t be their favourite gifts….I  do think they will come to treasure these books over the years.

A collection of my family photobooks, get it printed, Tonbridge Photographer
Photos printed in a family photobook, Photography by Sarah Hart

So why am I writing this blog?! Well, I’ve just received an email through about another offer with Bonusprint – click here (sorry, link no longer available) as I thought it would be an excellent gift idea for everyone else to buy for their own kids! You only have 5 days until 8th November to purchase the voucher and then the 6th December to make your album and redeem it……so make sure you don’t miss out! (And no, I’m not affiliated with them to endorse Bonusprint products!)

Oh and one little tip – mummies, please make sure there are some photos of you in the book – your children want to see you in their family photos! #existinphotos

I hope you can create some lovely photobooks for your kids to look back! And that’s another Christmas gift ticked off the list!

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