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Why use “Gift Time For Kids”

Posted on 20 Oct, 2017 by Sarah Hart

65% of parents feel their child gets given too many toys. A new website, “Gift Time For Kids,” devised by a Sevenoaks mum, Vanessa Hilton, offers a solution this Christmas. Vanessa is this week’s guest blogger and explains the idea behind her new business……

Gift Time for Kids logo, Kent business

The supermarkets have tubs of chocolate on offer which means Christmas is around the corner and kids are already on Christmas list version 25! Last year the latest craze was a “hatchimal”, an egg that hatches for £60! But 10 months on and who is playing with it? Has it been left in the toy box, donated to a charity shop or is it at the tip?
Market research of a Mum’s group in Kent found that 65% of parents feel that their child gets too many toys that aren’t played with and don’t feel comfortable telling family and friends they’ve got enough stuff! Receiving toys is great on Christmas day but we have to ask ourselves; is that the best use of the money being spent?
 Swimming Lessons with Gift Time for Kids, Kent
Instead, what if you could ask for contributions from friends and family towards activities rather than getting a hundred toys? Swimming, music lessons, drama classes, rugby, football, horse riding; the litany of amazing activities on offer is endless these days but it all comes at price. Termly fees, monthly fees, one off fees, special badge fees. A new website called Gift Time For Kids offers a solution that can assuage this financial burden for parents whilst also providing a platform for great Children’s gifts. Parents can create a wishlist of activities for the children, state a goal amount of money they would like to raise and send this to friends and family to contribute towards. There a lots of activities listed  but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can request for a supplier to be added or send the money back to yourself to pay suppliers directly. The site has been designed for parents with children from newborns to teenagers. Potentially solving the issue of getting 4 comforters for a baby shower gift!Baby Sensory, Kent business available through Gift Time For Kids
The best present we got for our daughters Christening was money towards the photographer. We now have some truly amazing pictures which captured the day perfectly and we will treasure forever. Research has shown that 70% of parents don’t feel comfortable asking for money towards activities and time even though we feel that this could be a much better use of friends and family’s generosity. Gift Time For Kids helps to overcome that apparent social faux pas of asking for money by showing friends and family what little ones want to do. Contributors don’t even need to buy big, unlike other experience websites, Gift Time For Kids is catering for those who have a budget of just £5. Not only can this website helping parents but if you don’t have children or your children are a completely different age, you may find yourself in the toy isle saying “what does a 10 year old boy want”? Contributing to a wishlist will allow the person to give any amount from £5, leave a message and see what their money is going towards. Gift Time For Kids even has plans to set a up thank you cards to all contributors, showing a picture of the birthday boy or girls enjoying their activity so it can help relieve you of that new wave of politeness that is “thank you cards”. I’d advise you to check out this Christmas ( below shows just a few of the businesses that are signed up and available for you to choose from) so you don’t have to dread the new term invoice just when funds have suffered the December detox.
Businesses available through Gift Time Kids, Kent
And you’ll see that Sarah Hart Photography has also available through Gift Time For Kids. So you can now ask friends or family for money towards either a newborn session or a 1st birthday cake smash session…….
Newborn colour images - Sarah Hart Photography through Gift Time for KIds Newborn Black and White images - Sarah Hart Photography through Gift Time for KIds
Boys Cake Smash images - Sarah Hart Photography through Gift Time for KIdsCake Smash images - Sarah Hart Photography through Gift Time for KIds

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